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Fusté Burgas, S.A.
It is a family run business devoted to the meat industry since 19.. .Its founder, Albert Burgas Ferreiro, along with his wife, Francesca Blanch Miquel, set up the buthchery in a tiny premises on the corner with Jonquera Street and Plaça de les Patates Square.

Berto, as Albert, the founder, was known, worked as a butcher and as a calf dealer at the same time, so while Paquita was serving in the butchery, her husband could visit the farms nearby looking for healthy calfs to buy. Years after, apart from providing themsleves with other farms’ calfs, they managed to build their own farm in the outskirts of Figueres.
The prosperity of the business helped them to move the former shop in Jonquera Street to Plaça Isabel II, the current location of the butchery and cutting room –and place of birth of the entreprise Fusté-Burgas, S.A.

By the end of 1980s and following these guidelines, Josep Fusté Buch, Berto’s brother-in-law and married to Olga Burgas Blanch, took control of the business. It was the first generational change-over, as a result of Paquita’s retirement and Olga and Josep’s drive for this job. Along the years, several renewals have taken place on both the premises and the staff. However, the people in charge are all the same, Lluís Teixidor Roura in production and elaboration, Carles Arché Padrós in administration and Josep Fusté Buch in management.

In Fusté Burgas we mind every detail, from the arrival of the source material to our premises, its manipulation and elaboration to its final presentation to our customers so that they can enjoy its excellent quality at the best prices. For this reason, we rely on our long experience within the sector and the sympathy of our customers. We wish to offer the meat we ourselves would like to find in every meal we had. And that’s our purpose!
FUSTE-BURGAS, S.A.: Plaça Isabel II, s/n · 17600 FIGUERES (Girona) · Tel. 972 501 247 -